Make Mental Health a Priority

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Did you know…that 1 in 5 adults experience a mental health condition in any given year? For perspective, think about where you live. Count 5 people near you. One of you is dealing with a mental health issue this year. 

Did you know that? Likely not. Why? No one talks about it. We talk about cancer, we talk about heart disease, broken bones and pulled muscles. When was the last time in a conversation you heard a friend or co-worker talk about the ways they are dealing with their mental health? 

I have mental health conditions. I’ve had bouts of deep depression, and I always am battling anxiety and panic attacks as a way of day to day life. My story of treatment started when I was about 19. I’m decades older now, and I still get help and seek treatment to heal myself when my mental health is feeling broken. I know that this is part of me, and I know that this will be something I will be managing on the daily for the rest of my life. And I’m at a stage of acceptance now. I used to resist and fight these feelings and tendencies, and it caused way more stress than I could handle, and led to tail spins. I accept myself now. It’s time for me to share more of my story because I know I’m not alone…and you aren’t alone either. 

The good news is that there is help. You are not alone. It starts with having the courage to seek treatment. It will involve a continuous cycle of breaking and healing, and that’s OK! For me, when my mental health is unwell, I seek out what will help me heal. 

This month, I invite all of you to visit this site, for the National Alliance on Mental Illness. If you need help…start here. If you don’t need help…educate yourself.

Lead on, everyone…and please take good care of your mental health.

***If you are ever in a crisis, please immediately dial your local emergency hotline number. In the USA, that is 911.***

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