Do TWO things today to practice your leader voice

There is probably hundreds if not thousands of types of leadership development content out there in the world, so thank you for reading and listening to this one!

Today I’d like to share with you just TWO things you can do today, to practice your leadership skills. Leaders are everywhere, and it’s important to note that even if you are early in your career, you can still be a leader! Leadership is about common sense as much as it’s about emotional intelligence, and the two things I’m asking you to do today are a little bit of both.

The purpose is for you to begin to develop your senses of intent and timing. Both of these things need to be intentional…so that the person on the receiving end knows why you are doing one of these things. The timing is also key; you need your words and actions to be seen as useful, developmental, and supportive. 

  1. Thank someone. Sounds easy enough, right? The purpose of giving thanks is to share your genuine appreciation for something someone has done. This can be something that helped you advance an idea when you were stuck; it could be thanking someone for bringing up a brand new idea that sent vibes of excitement across the team. Time your thanks as close to the moment as possible, and intentionally tell them why you are thanking them. This goes a long way to show that you recognize other people’s contributions and that you are team player.
  2. Celebrate someone. This is distinctly different than thanking someone! Celebrate one’s contributions or achievements by taking a moment to send them an e-card telling them they are a rock star. Text them a “congrats” so they get confetti splashed over their phone screen. Send them a GIF with a “way go to” vibe. If you are in person, drop by their desk and give them a fist bump for a job well done. The intent here is for the receiver to feel really super good about their work! It’s that simple! Time it when there isn’t a huge audience, because not everyone likes public praise. This tends to have a pay-it-forward influence; and this is a big one for helping to keep teams connected and engaged.

That’s it! Now, get out there and practice your leader voice!

Lead on, everyone! 

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